Designing the Future.
Services Offered

Types of Clients

I assist a wide range of organizations in the development and implementation of climate, energy and sustainability strategies.

These clients include:

Professional Services

Sustainability Advising & Planning

I assist clients with evaluating their current state of sustainability, setting short, medium and long-term goals and developing materials, plans and funding options to put their goals within reach.

Quantification of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

As a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), I have the qualifications to develop ECMs for most projects. I can show returns on investment and help develop schedules for implementation and funding.

Renewable Energy Planning

I have a deep knowledge of all aspects of centralized and decentralized renewable power options, including where to find these options, how to fund them and how different technologies interact with one another. From cities to universities to residential units, I can develop a plan for cost effective adoption of renewable power.

Grant and Proposal Writing

To date, I have written six federal grants, all of which have been awarded. I have also assisted on a number of other types of grant and proposal writing ventures.

Financial Analysis

I use Excel to develop complex financial analyses for a variety of tasks and project requirements. From simple returns on investment (ROI) to advanced cash flow models and business pipeline projections, I can build databases to fit a wide range of analytical needs.

Event Organizing

I have organized many types of events for different clients. From networking meetings to professional panels to formal catered events I have a wide range of experience. Successfully handling the planning, marketing and logistical aspects of event management.

Meeting Facilitation

My planning experience has taught me the power of developing buy-in from all levels of an organization and the importance of maintaining effective lines of communication throughout a project. I am well versed in meeting coordination and facilitation skills, and have also successfully integrated the use of new technologies - such as video conferencing, webinars, etc - into these processes.

Project Management

I have undertaken many project management roles and excel at meeting budgets and deadlines. I am adept at keeping projects on track and using resources effectively to achieve maximum gain.

Technical Writing

I am an experienced technical writer. Whether composing material from scratch, synthesizing information from partially written work or interviews with stakeholders, or editing existing documents, my written work is clear, concise, and has broad audience appeal.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

For a number of clients, I have assisted in the preparation, issuance and vendor selection for public and private procurement projects. I have all the necessary skills and experience to provide RFP development for energy and sustainability services.

Graphic Design

Organizational diagrams, logos, charts, tables, and images are key to explaining concepts in reports, presentations, brochures, and other informational materials, and I can create these graphic elements for clients as needed.